28 Hours

Thursday morning I woke, like every day, to the sounds of George getting up. It was late though, he must have slept well, past three at least. The room was cold so I called out “Hey Siri, turn on the bedroom heater” to which she replied, “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet”.

I was forced to act like some savage from 2018 and use the app on my phone to switch the heat on but that too had no internet. I got out of bed and did it manually. After consulting the history books I also discovered that a switch on the wall turned the lights on without me having to say a word, miraculous!

Joking aside, we had been dreading this day. We were switching broadband providers and it would be offline for a bit. No internet; no Youtube, no Netflix, no Amazon Video and one George, who likes to start his day with a show! (In case you are wondering we have no 3G or 4G signal here either).

In the end, due to an error on their part and a customer service team who refused to go off-script and listen to me explain the error (yes, I’m still a little bitter) we had no internet for 28 hours. During that 28 hours George, being helpful, slept for 2 of them…

So how did we cope?

The plan was that George and I would go out for the duration of the downtime. The fact it started at 4 AM did not help and then one look outside at the storm shattered those plans.

We were in full distraction mode, for the majority of Thursday it was eating, crafting and playing. We kept George as busy as we could without a break. It was exhausting.

He finally fell asleep at 9 PM but was up and about again at 11 PM. I, thankfully, fearing the worst, went straight to sleep when he did so at least I got a couple of hours too.

Overnight, into Friday, was tough. Keeping George happy at night with minimal noise and no videos to watch was a difficult thing to do.


Finally, come 8 AM on Friday, I was able to call them back and as the obligatory “wait and see” period was over I was able to be transferred to someone who understands technology and 30 seconds later it was fixed.

I think, for the future, we should look to stash a few DVDs away. Online content and streaming services are fantastic but their absence was noticed!

How is your half-term going?


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