4 Hrs Sleep?

4 Hrs Sleep is my blog and I’m Anthony. It’s a place to share my stories and experiences of raising George, a child with severe learning difficulties.

Why is it called ‘4 Hrs Sleep’?

I named the site 4 hrs Sleep in reference to the aspect of raising a child with special needs that I find most difficult. The lack of sleep.

George has a non-specific learning difficulty, autism, some kind of sleep disorder and possibly a seizure disorder or seizures that are part of the original problem. The sleep part means that despite medication he doesn’t sleep very much. I’m actually writing this at 4:30 AM, George and I have been up since midnight. He won’t sleep again until nine or ten tonight.

How do you cope with just four hours of sleep?

During term time it’s not so bad, at least there is a break during the day. I’m working, but still, that’s a break! At some point, once every couple of weeks, it gets too much and I sleep while George is at school.

The hard part is the holidays, during the summer break I have six weeks of 18-20 hour shifts looking after George. That’s over 40 days without a break of more than 6 hours. I’m sure there are many people around the world who have it worse, but it’s hard to explain just how incredibly difficult that is. It’s half term next week (as I write this), I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s a lot easier than the Summer!

So just a Special Needs Blog?

No, I hope to share quite a lot here. I will share blog posts about me, about George, books I’m reading, games I’m playing as well as photographs I take and want to share. I honestly don’t know if anyone else will ever read it but that’s not why I’m doing it. I find writing therapeutic and I hope sharing in this space will help me unwind and give me something productive to do at night.


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