Half Term off with a Bang!

It’s 2 AM on the very first day of Half Term. George had been up for about an hour when he started to full asleep again. This is unusual but not unheard of. A pleasant surprise, like a little gift of some extra sleep for me.

That is until 2 minutes later when he sits up and is sick everywhere. Everywhere! It’s all over the bed, the floor, the me, the chair, the chest of drawers, the literally, actually, everything!

Oh dear!

Anyway, it’s now 3:30 AM, George is asleep, the room is scrubbed and cleaned and sprayed. The smell is 99% gone. George has been asleep for over an hour already but I’ll try and get some sleep.

Good night!


05:20 – day 1

George is awake again and was instantly sick. I’m back to cleaning up his room while he settles on the sofa with the Wii. It’s going to be a long day.
(normal temperature, seems generally happy and alert)

08:30 – day 1

George’s usual temperature is around 36.3 or 36.4. It’s now up to 37.4, not a fever but a sign he’s not well. He’s now whimpering on the sofa looking very sad, has been sick one more time too.
(raised temperature, seems very down and tired)

12:10 – day 1

Nothing much has changed, George hasn’t been sick again but is running a fever and is very down.
(high temperature, seems very down and tired)

19:50 – day 1

George is asleep, much earlier than normal. Fingers crossed he sleeps well and feels better tomorrow!
(high temperature, asleep)


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