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Parenting a child with special needs is difficult, frustrating and, sometimes, heartbreaking. There is, however, a lot of help out there.

Just a chat?

If you are just looking to talk you are welcome to contact me. I’m not qualified to give advice but I can listen and share my experiences.

Also, I have found the Reddit community r/SpecialNeedsChildren to be a very friendly and supportive group. You’ll find me on there too, I’m u/PleaseDontTouchThose.

UK Support Groups / Charities

This page from the NHS has a great list of Autism support groups, twitter accounts, Facebook groups and more. I’m going to cheat and just recommend you take a look there:

-> Where to get Support if you’re Autistic – NHS

Recommend a group

Do you have a support group you’d like to recommend? Just let me know.


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