Meet George

George is eleven, he loves cars, bowling and Mario Kart. He also has severe learning difficulties. This blog is about him and our life together, along with the things that distract me and help me get through difficult days. Let me tell you more about George though:


George doesn’t have a formal diagnosis really, it’s technically severe learning difficulties and autism. Doctors have tried to find a more precise diagnosis but have so far been unsuccessful. George has been enrolled in the 100,000 Genomes Project but we haven’t had the results yet.

Severe Learning Difficulties and Autism

George is really good at colours and counting and has started to trace letters and do maths adding up when adding one. He loves to paint and play, developmentally I suppose he is a toddler. It’s sometimes hard to gauge and I’m not sure how far he can or will go. George is non-verbal and has only just started interacting with other children in his class. He is medicated to reduce some of the autistic features that caused him most stress or harm, including aggression, anxiety and self-harming behaviours.


Sleep has always been a problem, even medicated he often only gets “4 Hrs Sleep”. We have tried everything anyone suggested and nothing works, he simply does not seem to need sleep.


George can get very anxious, particularly in the build-up to a change, a special day, or Christmas. Christmas is in fact the hardest time of the year for George and therefore, in turn, us.


George does suffer from seizures but they are very small. It’s apparently impossible to narrow down the cause without tests that require George to be conscious and hold still. This is a concept foreign to George and simply, impossible!


George’s school is my favourite place, they are so wonderful with him and he is excited to go every day. At first, it was hard; before medication, every day was a fight to get him to leave and a danger in the car on the drive over.

Now though, George is jumping for joy every morning at the thought of going to class.


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