Meet Me

Hello, I’m Anthony and this is my blog. You can read more about why I started the blog here. This page is just about me.

So I am George’s father, I have two other children; Emily and Caillou and am married to Chrissy.

We live on the south coast of the UK in the county of Dorset, wedged between the sea and the New Forest.

My Career

I am a web designer, developer and photographer. I quite like the term Digital Artist as it covers most of what I do. I’ve been working with websites since I was 17, that was back in 1998. For reference, Google was founded the same year. My first site was a local one for students to upload their CV. Nothing special, literally just a file upload so they could share the link with potential employers.

My Education

I obtained a few qualifications at university, an HND in Business and IT and a degree in Business Management. I then started working full time as a web designer in partnership with a friend, then on my own. I spent a few years in the financial industry where, out of necessity, self-taught myself to code (web design is very different from web development) and then returned to working for myself after George was born.


I later learnt photography, primarily due to George. We had tried to take him to several photographers but none of them had the necessary experience working with children with special needs. The photos were terrible and I knew I could do better. I now offer Special Needs Photography through my business Dorset.Cloud.


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