So how is the lockdown going?

NB: I have barely slept, I need to update this site but I’m conscious of the rambling nature of this. I don’t know if I’ll be blogging again until after the lockdown has passed.

I last blogged over a month ago when I talked about the impending lockdown due to Covid-19 (coronavirus) and how having a child with severe special needs had unique challenges for us. So, how is it going?

4 Hours Sleep

This site is called 4 Hrs Sleep as a reference to George’s lack of sleep most nights, the worst of which are for hours or less. For the past 32 days, yes I’m counting. George has slept at most seven hours and at least two hours a night. Averaging around six hours I guess. The toll on me of looking after George for 18 hours straight without more than a few minutes break, followed by a rushed dinner and then sleep is incredible. I am so tired and so unmotivated to get anything done (hense the lack of blogging). I’m strugglito keep up with my work obligations and am not sure how to keep going for weeks, or maybe even months.


Here in the UK, we are allowed to go out shopping and for exercise. Unfortunately, I cannot do either while George is awake and don’t have time for exercise while he is asleep. I will waste an hour a week of my potential sleeping time to go shopping, grab whatever I can and rush back home for sleep. The feeling of being trapped in a house is crazy and far more difficult to deal with mentally than I had thought it would be. Why can’t I take George out for my exercise? Well, unfortunately, it has been made clear that we cannot drive somewhere to exercise. And where we live we are surrounded by playgrounds, all of which George knows well, so we can’t go for a walk without George getting extremely upset he cannot go and play.


We plan to survive, it sounds dramatic but that is literally it right now. We plan to make it through and get George back in school. Until then we take it every day at a time and try our hardest.

Take care everyone, I’ll see you when this is all over!


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