The Undead Series – RR Haywood

The Undead Series by RR Haywood | Buy on Amazon | (5/5)

The Undead follows the story of a group of survivors during a zombie outbreak. Led by Howie they must survive, then fight back to protect those who are left.

The Undead – Day One

I’m not going to provide much of a synopsis for the rest of the series as I don’t want to give too much away but let’s look at day one.

Day one starts just before the outbreak hits the UK when we meet Howie, the Tesco nightshift manager. We get a glimpse of his laid back managerial style during some scenes in the supermarket before he heads home for a night off.

News of ‘unrest’ across Europe is broadcast on most channels followed by the rather abrupt end of the world. TV channels go offline and Howie is left wondering what is going on. This seems a little quick in reality however it gets us into the story with pleasant brevity.

Book one is essentially a blow by blow account of Howie’s survival for the first 24 hours of the zombie outbreak.

The Undead – Day One – Thoughts

The first book is not the greatest work of fiction ever seen by man. It isn’t even particularly good. You can tell Haywood is very new at this, his writing style is a little clumsy and quite unpolished. However, and it’s a massive “however”. Haywood has a way with characters, I instantly felt drawn to Howie and craved more, I wanted to know where the story goes and knowing there were another 20 books ahead of me was exciting.

My recommendation for The Undead – Day One is, if you read it, read more, read the first week. Don’t stop at day one!

The Undead – The series so far

One of the wonderful things about books, over movies, is character development, but one of the fun things about The Undead is the author development too. As the books progress you can literally see RR Haywood becoming a great author. The first few books are clumsy, as I said, but his characters come alive and leave you with an investment in their future. Not exactly the best decision with a zombie book where characters will die but we don’t choose who we fall in love with. By book five the writing is smoother and a pleasure to read. The conversations, or banter, between Howie’s team, is wonderful and feels natural and real.

There are better books out there, in fact RR Haywoods other works like the Extracted Series and Worldship Humility are both much better reads but there is something about The Undead Series that keeps pulling me back. The other day RR Haywood’s newsletter announced the Worldship Humility’s sequal had gone for editing, my first thought was “I really hope he’s now working on the next Undead book!”.

The Undead Series by RR Haywood | Buy on Amazon | (5/5)


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