World Book Day 2020

It was World Book Day yesterday and once again George got to go to school wearing a costume. This year, however, George’s teacher asked for specific outfits to match the class theme, pirates!

In the morning, as we were getting ready I held up two hands and gave George a choice.

“Do you want to go to school dressed as George, or a pirate?”

George’s face lit up, he quickly touched the hand that represented pirates and said something that could only be “Pirate!”.


When we got George’s costume out he was thrilled and got dressed very quickly. He loves a costume and loves a hat so a pirate is perfect.

Costumes have always been a favourite of George’s. Over the years he has gone through many including multiple versions of Woody from Toy Story. Sadly they do rip easily but thankfully are not too expensive.

Our favourite Pirate Books

As it is World Book Day and our theme was pirates, here are some of George’s favourite pirate books he has at home:

Peppa the Pirate.
Pirates Love Underpants
Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet


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